Does Carmelo Anthony Belong In The NBA?

With the recent drama surrounding ten-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony, in which he complained about not having a place in the NBA, many people have come to his defence as to why Melo should have a place in the NBA. Equally present however, are those who believe that he has no place in the NBA anymore. So let’s examine Anthony’s game and what he brings to the table and see if he can fit on an NBA team.

Anthony is an average to below average 3-point shooter, shooting 35 percent (six attempts a game) from three when he was on the Thunder two seasons ago, and shot only 32 percent from three (six attempts a game). The 3-point shot is certainly the most important thing he needs, since he can’t create his own shot as efficiently anymore. While Anthony can still excel in iso ball and can make it work occasionally, it just isn’t practical to have someone who shoots poorly to be a focus of more than a few possessions against second units. Aside from offense, Anthony is an atrocious defender, arguably being the laziest and worst defender on the floor every time he steps foot on it. If a Worst Defensive Player of the Year award existed, Anthony would have been in contention for it every year since 2015. At least his rebounding skills are still average to slightly above average for his position. Overall, I would say that Anthony would be most ideal for a bench star role. Meaning that he would be someone who would wreak havoc against most second units in the NBA, getting about 15 to 18 minutes a game. This would allow for him to minimize his defensive errors while being a positive on offense.

But there is a reason why Anthony does not have a place in the NBA right now. What he brings to the table outside of the court is extremely toxic, as he has laughed off the path possibility of coming off the bench in Oklahoma and also wanted to start for the Rockets. Essentially Anthony has shown that he does not know that he is not a star anymore, and everybody needs to realize when it’s time to take a step back if they are a star in the NBA. This has allowed players like Dirk Nowitzki, Dwyane Wade, Vince Carter, and more stars to have a longer career due to them taking a step back.  If Anthony does not want to end up like Allen Iverson in his twilight years, he has to suck it up and has to be willing to work hard for a team and has to understand his role and position.

Where can Anthony fit? Well, most teams would rather have Anthony if they were a title contender and not a young, rebuilding team. However teams like the Warriors, Rockets, 76ers. Jazz, Nuggets, and Bucks don’t make sense due to money or positioning reasons. The only good team I can see  Anthony going to, would be the Toronto Raptors or Lakers. However, I still don’t think it’s likely at all.

Hopefully I’m wrong and he’ll get signed, since he is a legend after all. I just don’t see how he fits in the NBA right now.


By Hugo Vazquez, Senior, Brooks College Prep

Instagram: @sadbullsfan14 / Snapchat: hugovbrooks

Written by TrueStar Staff

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