Does “Yikes” Mean That Nicki Is Back To Stay?

Nicki Minaj? Retirement? Ugh! I couldn’t fathom the day without any more Barbie vibed hits. Fortunately for her fellow Barbz fanbase, we might not have to endure that kind of pain. Although Minaj announced in the past few months that she would be going into retirement to focus on her husband and starting a family, she recently released the edgy new hit single “Yikes” that have the girls shook!

“What’s the hype? This is something very light” and “All that talkin’ out ya neck might just get your throat cut!” have been some of the hardest hitting lines for fans to use for Instagram and Twitter captions. Honestly, I can’t even wait to use the first one for my birthday weekend pictures! Not only does Minaj’s “Barbz” fanbase use hundreds of her iconic lyrics to flaunt their style on social media, we also know how to make sure she constantly reigns at the top!

Minaj didn’t promote “Yikes” as an official single. She shared a snippet on social media platforms before the release and fans immediately rushed to steam and buy the single as soon as it dropped making it sore on the Billboards. Minaj made history as the first female rapper to obtain No.1 status on the Digital Song Sales charts without any features.

Who else do you know that can do that?! Minaj has proven countless times that she truly runs the rap game. Hopefully the “retirement” she announced will be more like a short hiatus to enjoy the life she’s worked so hard to achieve.

To all the haters and celebrities that have tried to come for Minaj, she immediately shut them up with “Yikes”. And honestly, I would be shook if I wasn’t on the side of the Barbzdom. As soon as the track begins she lets the haters know “Don’t ever f***ing play with me! Y’all know I’m the f***ing queen!” as she channels a little of Roman, her inner alter ego.

Minaj sends a fair warning, “All that talkin’ out ya neck might just get your throat cut!” And something tells me, she’s not bluffing.


By Kori Barnes, Sophomore, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole


Written by Kori Barnes

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