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Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ Is A Standout

I’ve never listened to Doja Cat or been a fan of hers, until now. I had just recently got put on to her hit track “Rules” from Twitter, but my recent discovery of her sultry pop track “Say So” from the album Hot Pink, left me shocked and pleased.

Literally while laying in bed, trying to wake up and prepare myself for my 8:30 am economics class, I stumbled upon Doja’s performance of “Say So” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. Every artist knows that even getting an appearance, let alone a performance, on the Fallon show means that you’ve definitely made it in the industry. I didn’t realize it was Doja Cat in the midst of her beautiful pretty pink ruffled cover up, pink crimped hair, and sequined pink bodysuit. I loved her entire performance of “Say So” so much that I’ve had the eccentric pop tune on repeat.

My discovery of her hit tune was perfect timing of her music video dropping. I immediately went to YouTube, and much to my delight and awe, she incorporated the 70’s into her style. The block heels, sequined outfits, flared pants, big hair, glitter, and various shades of pink are everywhere!

She looks beautiful in this 70’s inspired halter crochet mini dress and block heels. The flipped ends of her hair for that flare? To die for! The lighting of the video even shows that it’s definitely not meant for this time period.

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And look at her figure! She literally looks amazing. And let’s not forget the real tiger as her accessory. Who else do you know that’ll make an fashionably late entrance at the most popular roller rink with a tiger and oversized shades? Doja cat of course.

What I also love about Doja Cat is that she loves to give credit when it’s due. Throughout the video she’s seen doing a particular popular and known dance from Tik Tok creator, Haley Sharpe, who helped “Say So” gain massive attention and become a hit in 2019. Sharpe got her own time to shine in the music video and perform the dance that she previously recorded in her bathroom and now in the star’s music video itself. Crazy how the world can work sometimes, right?


By Kori Barnes, Sophomore UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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