Don’t Cancel 2020 Just Yet!

I know that most of us feel like 2020 has been insane and we should just throw the year away, but with less than six months left there is still much that we can do to turn things around. With most graduation behind us, the city’s easing restriction, and it being the start of summer, let’s make the second half of the year work in our favor. First, let’s give ourselves a round of applause for perseverance and resilience during these difficult times. Secondly, lets appreciate the new found freedom to relax, reflect, and release our vision for 2020. I know for me it never seemed to be enough time in the day for me to complete my school work, do my house chores, or work on my goals for personal and professional growth. Some of us have more time on our hands than others but we all can spend the next months improving ourselves personally, financially, and mentally. Here are some tips how:

*Start a YouTube or Instagram channel/blog: Here is where you can share your expertise on things you love like cooking, health tips, sewing, vlogging your feelings, make-up tips/hacks, the list is endless. Just get started.

*Make money without leaving the house: There are so many ways to make legit money while staying home. If you love gaming, watching movies and taking surveys you can earn extra cash using Inbox Dollars, Survey Junkie, and Postmates.

*Save some coins: You can invest as little as $1 to buy stock shares in companies you use every day. Using the app Stash has not only made it easy and affordable for you to invest, they also provide you with tools to make your investment game strong for the long run. For a limited time only they will give you $5 to start investing.

*Host virtual/backyard social distancing gatherings: Staying connected with your family and friends during this time is good for your mental health. Of course, bring your mask, hand sanitizer, food/drink of your choice, and maintain social distance of six to seven feet.

*Volunteer: There are so many opportunities available to volunteer your time by helping the local food banks, Chicago Cares, Cradle to Crayons, and even the local senior center. Remember, safety first so come masked up and with gloves and/or hand sanitizer.

*Pamper yourself: Finding time to exercise, journal, watch your favorite movie, read, do a home spa treatment, indulge in mini shopping trips, and have some alone time to reboot should be our top priority during these stressful times.

Yes, we’ve had some uncertain times, abrupt changes to our routines, and had to sheltered in place with no end-date in sight, but we are slowly adapting to our new normal. All is not lost in 2020, we have a few more months left in the year. Let’s make them great.


By Naiyah Mills

Instagram: @nanai_baby

Written by TrueStar Staff


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