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Don’t Come For Letitia

Actress addresses THR article

In the critical world of Hollywood, celebrities have often spoken out regarding their business shining in the media’s spotlight. Unfortunately, not every breaking story or business released has necessarily been beneficial.

With the massive buzz swirling around the release of Black Panther’s sequel, Wakanda Forever: Black Panther, the cast members of this hit Marvel movie have been trending all across social media platforms. However Letitia Wright, who plays a leading role as Black Panther’s sister in the films, has spoken out against the insult of The Hollywood Reporter’s recent article discussing her past scandal.

In a recent column published by The Hollywood Reporter, the question of her winning Oscar chances were combined in controversy with the likes of powerful male figures in the industry with different situations occurring. According to, “On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter published Scott Feinberg’s opinion piece about how Wright, Will Smith and Brad Pitt‘s “varying degrees of personal controversy” could affect their 2023 Oscar chances. The article pointed out that 29-year-old Wright — who carries the emotional Black Panther: Wakanda Forever sequel with a lead performance as Princess Shuri — and her “fair share of bad publicity” for retweeting anti-vaccine content back in 2020 is “far from the magnitude of baggage held by Smith or Pitt.” Feinberg also wrote that Wright “may face the least resistance — but she may also have the weakest case for a nomination anyway.”

Wright did not take the mentioning of her name with the likes of these men and their controversy lightly. She responded to the article by taking to her Instagram platform and posting the article with the caption “incredibly disrespectful.” Black Panther fans immediately rushed to Wright’s defense and defended her previous controversy across social media platforms. Wright continued to express her opinion regarding the backlash of THR’s written article on her Instagram. According to, “How dare you,” she continued. “You mentioned my name alongside men who have been accused of abuse & sexual misconduct. This is vile behaviour. At this point a personal vendetta towards me. I’ve done nothing wrong but respectfully refused to do interviews with this publication. Stop your nonsense … The Emmy-nominated actress said she apologized two years ago and “remained silent on the topic” and said THR “lied and said I continued talking about it with my cast & crew on my set. THIS WAS NOT TRUE. ASK MY PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR. … Your agenda towards me is now even more clear. I won’t remain silent. Stop your disgusting behavior.”

Many fans were shocked by the release of this article as Wright has previously been featured on the cover of THR with positive remarks. Previously, celebrities did not have much power in fighting back against the media. However, we’re starting to see more celebrities speak out against any media that has sparked controversy regarding them.

Do you think THR was right or wrong in the case of spreading information? Leave your reaction below.


By Kori Barnes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Insta: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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