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Don’t Let A Selfie Be The Death Of You



Social media has definitely made us more interested in taking pictures. From Snapchat to Instagram, nowadays every moment requires a documented snapshot. While we all want that perfect pic with the right sunlight hittin’, sometimes that perfect snap just isn’t worth it.

Recently, there was a college student, Michelle Casey, 21, who went with her boyfriend along the Oregon Coastline to take pictures. The NBC news show “Today” reported that “Casey climbed over a retaining wall to get a better view and then slipped.” This led Casey to fall 100 feet before landing on a tree. Casey set out to take scenic pictures, most likely trying for that perfect snap for social media, but instead was met with a tragic ending. She fell to her death.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time taking a picture has led to something tragic. According to the Washington Post, as of 2018 “more than 250 people worldwide have died while taking selfies” and the numbers seems to keep increasing.

The No.1 way to keep deadly selfies from happening is to always be aware of your surroundings. I know the photo on top of that hill or by the train tracks would look really good on your TL, but there are risks that come with those pics. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you especially need to be aware of where your feet are. One small step could cause you to trip or slip, which could mean life or death if you’re in an exciting but dangerous situation.

Whether you’re at a national park, around nature, or in the city, always make sure you’re taking pictures where you’re allowed to be. If there are caution or no trespassing signs you should look for somewhere else to take the pic. But, honestly, all you need for a good selfie is some good lighting and a smile. There’s no need to risk you life for a picture. Plus, sometimes it’s great to just live in the moment without trying to capture everything on camera.


By Veronica Ruiz, Senior, Lane Tech

Instagram: @v.eronicaruiz





Veronica Ruiz

Written by Veronica Ruiz

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