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Drake’s ‘Honestly Nevermind’ Gets Mixed Reviews


You know you’re one of the greatest when there’s always something that someone has to say about whatever you do. Does this come with fame? Of course. But there’s certainly more backlash that certain artists receive over most. And without a doubt, Drake is definitely the kind of star that constantly has a target on his back. However, with the latest surprise drop of his seventh studio album Honestly, Nevermind, he reminds everyone that he couldn’t care less about anyone else’s opinion but his own.

In the album description of Honestly, Nevermind that’s displayed on Apple Music, Drake seemingly gives us a love letter of poetry that depicts exactly where his head is at this point of his life in the rap game. He begins by stating, “I let my humbleness turn to numbness at times, letting time go by knowing I got the endurance to catch it at another time.” He’s reminding his audience that there’s nothing really left for him to prove because he knows that he has exactly what it takes and that he always has had that quality within him. However, when he’s feeling humble enough, he’ll scale it down a bit to let the others try to catch up. Later in his rhythmic poetry he states, “I know everyone that tells me they love me doesn’t love me all the time, especially when i’m doing better than alright & they have to watch it from whatever point they at in their life. I got here being realistic. I didn’t get here being blind. I know what’s what and especially who is by my side. Honestly…Nevermind.”

What I love about Drake is that he’s not afraid to think or jump out of the box. As soon as he announced this surprise drop and it premiered, fans rushed to stream the album and immediately drop their first thoughts. Although some fans may have expected to hear the older and somber Drake that dived into the depth of his feelings, I had a sense that this album would be different; in a good way. I wasn’t looking for the old Drake, but I was looking for something renovated. I was looking for something for summer and traveling overseas. And much to my delight, he delivered exactly what I needed. One of the tracks I immediately fell in love with was “Currents.” It has been on repeat since the wee hours of the album drop and even now while I currently write this album review. It’s that upbeat mix that reminds you of what is most important and lets you visualize yourself in a setting where you’re letting loose in a space where nothing else seems to matter. House music has been trending all over social media. I think what Drake has just delivered to us is the perfect summertime beat to laugh, drink, get on the dance floor, and appreciate the little moments with the people you love most.

Celebrities ranging from Lil Yachty to other rappers, have taken to either TikTok to create jerking videos to his new album tracks or their social media platforms to praise his latest release. Despite the critics (and some fans) immediately giving their negative reviews of the album, it seems that a lot of them have begun to come around when witnessing the impact of Drake’s influence. This album is truly music that this generation needed to actually dance again at functions and not sit around and record everything on your phone. I know this isn’t the last that we’ll see of Drake, but I’m already wondering what other side of his talent that he wants to show us next.


By Kori Barnes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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