Election Day Celebrity Tweets!

lala says
VOTE! RT @BarackObama: “It’s out of my hands now. It’s in urs. All of it depends on what u do when you step into that voting booth 2morrow.”

itsgabrielleu says
SO tempted to RT some of the hateful/insulting/offensive tweets but today is about POSITIVITY & #Obama2012 #Forward Do not be distracted!

Tyrese says
I don’t care how long the lines are.. I don’t care how far you have to travel please people get out and vote TODAY!! #TeamObama

KevinHart4real says
Good morning world……Wake y’all asses up and go VOTE DAMN IT!!!!! Have a voice & be heard #Vote #Vote #Vote

missfree says
Two young voters@coco_louie @djlyric87 talk about their voting experience and why u HAVE to vote!
One’s a first timer

iamdiddy says
#repost Happy Election Day people! Let your voices be heard! Get up and #VOTE ! #forward

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