Enter The ‘Grown-ish’ Styling & Design Contest

Last week season 3 of “Grown-ish” premiered on FreeForm. I have been taking this ride with Zoe and her squad since season one. The show has gained A LOT of popularity over the past few years. It is even being compared to “A Different World,” which was one of the most influential shows in the 80’s and 90’s. I still watch reruns of “A different World,” but it is awesome to see the representation of college students of this generation.

Season 3 jumped off with Zoe picking up the pieces after she decided to drop out of college and pursue her celebrity styling career full force. Many us can definitely relate to her dilemma. There are times when I feel like being in school hinders me from taking advantage of opportunities that could potentially help my stylist career, but being educated is the fashion industry is VERY important. Some people are able to propel forward without school, but others may need some guidance. After showing the struggles of Zoe’s fashion career, FreeForm has developed a contest to make one fashionista’s journey a little easier and help their fashion career come to life.

The Grown-ish Style & Design Contest is providing a chance for aspiring stylists and designers to showcase their creativity. They want to see who has the best sense of style when it comes to their characters. The objective is to style or design an outfit for your favorite “Grown-ish” character. The winner has a chance to win $10,000 and they will be able to see their creation come to life on the show. Contestants must be 18 or older and have until 02/4/2021 to submit their work. Sketches, drawings, styled mannequins, and original fabricated clothing are considered acceptable submissions. This could be YOUR chance to show the world why you are a fashionista. Additional rules and information can be found here on the show’s website. You can also take a peak at what your competition is coming up with.

If you haven’t seen the show, now is your chance to catch up and get some inspiration for the contest. You can stream previous seasons of “Grown-ish” on the FreeForm and Hulu.


By Brittanie Sturdivant, Sophomore, Open Campus Parsons School of Design

Instagram: B_Slay_

Written by Brittanie

I rep the 219, Indiana. I'm a wardrobe stylist and owner of Vintage By. B. I love shopping for pieces that are different and that I know nobody else will have! But one thing I hate about shopping is going broke doing so. Throughout the years of me working in retail, I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks for saving LOTS of money when shopping. I also go against trends by Vintage shopping. I find pieces that I can pair together to create works of art. You can call me a penny pincher, but I'll look BOMB while pinching my pennies :)

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