Eternals Might Be The Biggest Letdown In MCU History

Eternals cast members include Lauren Midloff (makkari), (Angelina Jolie (Thena), Selma Hayek (Ajak), Richard Madden (Ikaris) and Bryan Tyree Henry (Phastos).

Eternals, the MCU’s newest movie, might be the biggest let down in movie history. Unfortunately, I’m not joking when I say this movie is terrible. Let me explain. This movie had two objectives, one was to introduce new concepts, like the Celestials (the first form of existence to ever live in the universe.), into the MCU. This is done, but the new concepts could not be appreciated due to the movie being downright BORING. The movie being boring means that it failed the second and most important objective, which is to tell an engaging story. The story tries to do too much, but at the same time does nothing at all.

The first problem is that there are simply too many characters in this movie. That doesn’t mean that I think you need to take characters out of the movie in order for it to be better. Instead make the characters do or say something that the audience cares about. Half the characters offer nothing to the story and are just there for cool action scenes, so this makes the majority of the movie feel clunky. Another big problem with the characters is that their goals are flimsy and they often change motives within a drop of a dime.

The second, and biggest, problem is the story. The main conflict is the Celestial being born on earth, destroying it, and the other is that the deviants resurfaced stronger which is the problem the audience is first introduced to. The problem I have is that both of these issues get solved in a very unsatisfying way. Instead of the characters focusing on the issue at hand, they instead spend the majority of  the movie getting back together. Once they get together two of them betray the group, one of them betrays the group because he feels like the Celestial should be born, and the other simply follows due to a crush. The problem is that it simply doesn’t matter because 10 minutes later they’re helping them stop the Celestial. The whole second act is a dumpster fire of people leaving the story and flip flopping sides.

The movie just fails to make you care about what’s happening, making watching it feel like a waste of your life. It’s frustrating because there’s potential to flush out these characters and create a story worth telling, but instead Marvel fumbled the bag and made an absolutely terrible movie.


By Gary Langfield, Junior, Noble Academy

Instagram: ima_menace16


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