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Hades II

The beloved roguelike dungeon crawler heavily based off of Greek mythology HADES, winner of several esteemed awards such as IGN, Polygon, TIME, Washington Post, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Destructoid, and DualShocker’s Game of the Year awards respectively (amongst countless others in other categories), had a sequel game announced at the Game Awards last year in 2022. The community is thriving and the hype has not stopped. So what can we expect from this sequel game? And when will it come out?

From the reveal trailer and the update post on the game’s Steam page, this is a direct sequel taking place sometime after the events of the original game. If you’re a newcomer to the games, don’t worry–it isn’t necessary to play the first game, however, there are a ton of connections to it within the sequel.

As the immortal Underworld Princess Melinoë, you’ll be able to explore a much more vast and detailed Underworld, similar to the first game, hunting down the Titan of Time, Cronos. The headline for the game in the trailer is literally “Death To Cronos.”

The plot of the game “continually unfolds through your every setback and accomplishment.” The developers promise a stunning amount of “new locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises” for players to sink their teeth into.

The developers are very kind and transparent about the game’s steady development, saying in their Steam page, “Feedback from our player community through the course of development was foundational to the design and vital to the quality of the original game, so we plan to reprise that type of process with Hades II. Expect more information about our Early Access sometime in 2023.” Because the development of Hades seems to mirror that of its sequel, it’s likely that the early beta testing will begin around the end of spring/early summer of this year. And since the fanbase is a lot larger, development and feedback will come a lot easier.

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By Ezan Charo, Junior, ChiArts
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