[Exclusive] ‘House Of Payne’ Star Doc Shaw Sits Down With True Star

During his acting career, Doc Shaw has played many roles including Malik Payne on “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” to King Boomer on Disney’s “Pair of Kings.” Despite him being on television for several years, Shaw told Lindblom Math and Science Academy students earlier this month that he was still teased because of his weight. While Shaw can be remembered as a pudgy teen, the 22 year old has lost 50 pounds and is hardly recognizable. He told the students that exercising has become a part of his daily life, and even before he spoke about being bullied he did push ups backstage.
 “Working out now is one of my hobbies,” Shaw said. “I made it my hobby…my lifestyle because it is something that helps keep me on track.”
 The writers of True Star Jr. were given the opportunity to speak to Doc Shaw and learn more about him. Shaw talked about being on set with such inspiring actors like Lance Gross and LaVan Davis, and how these veteran actors helped him become a better actor.
“[Working with them] helps me get better as an actor. For one, I never did acting growing up so for me to be on ‘House of Payne’ with those great actors like Allen Payne, Cassi Davis,” Shaw said. “It was great because I had mentors to teach me the craft. It was great working with all those actors that were mentors to me, that are still mentors to me today.”
Doc is a relaxed person that looks for learning opportunities in everything that he does. He looks up to his mother for inspiration, admiration and just about everything you can imagine.
In the interview he stated, “My mother is my best friend,”  showing his love for her.
While visiting Chicago, Doc went to the Ronald McDonald House Charities and when asked about the event he stated, “ It was an amazing experience. Just to see how fortunate we all are to have our health. It’s amazing.”
Shaw threw out the opening pitch at the Chicago White Sox game that day as well. Also, Shaw stars in the blockbuster sequel “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” in July.
By Kelsi Williams, Lindblom Math & Science

Written by IVC Productions


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