Fall Fashion For Females!


FFFF (fall fashion for females)  is FINALLY here. I love this season, not only because November is my birthday month, but because the fashion is super cute. I feel like summer time has no real style. Think about it–everyone rocks the same stuff. During July,everyone is wearing red, white,or blue with stars. The whole summer is dedicated to trying to stay cool, which involves shear and lace shirts with shorts or skirts. Don’t forget dresses.

Fall is the time to show off your swag with clothes. I’m thinking long sleeve shirts, skinny legs, scarves, and kicks. There is a fab website called that has some super cute hoodies. So I asked numerous females what’s the fashion fall trend for 2013? They said leather boots with jeans and leather or jean jackets. They also like the beanie hats. My roommate is a “bag lady.” So she suggests for ladies: book bags that are cheetah or some type of graphic design, bags that go around your neck, and any type of leather.These bags should vary between light and dark. Either big or small is fine. She shops for these bags at and

Of course, cheetah and zebra will always be in. But have fun with your style. I love the colors of the fall leaves. Brown,red,green,tan,and yellow are great colors for this fall’s trend. Don’t forget to dress it up with cute bracelets! Remember that we live in a generation where matching is not in. Dare to be different!

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Written by Eri Loves


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