#FashionFrenzy – #ẎℰϟĦϴℕ∃Ẏ Ï´â„› #ℕ☮Ħϴℵ€У

SHE loves her some fashion honey and these stars are giving MAJOR style from Ciara to Teyana Taylor. The Fashion Library is OPEN: Starting with Ciara giving us this red carpet look for MTV’s Movie Awards, which is cute and all but I could have sworn that I’ve seen this look before (hmm) maybe on Beyonce the originator, but you get a #YesHoney for effort.

Speaking of Beyonce, now that baby sister Solange is no longer living in her shadow her fashion is BOOMING! I am loving this Afro Bohemian look she is selling but the only problem I am having is, I can’t figure out if it’s a one-piece or a top and a bottom because in my opinion it is killing her figure. Solange get it together I see where you were going so #YesHoney.

Then we have Ms. Teyana Taylor, can you say Swagger Jacker? Yes Honey SHE is calling you out. You are a self-proclaimed style fiend and now I see you rocking your latest outfit looking quite close to Janelle Monae.What do you think? Just for this #NoHoney . SHE likes originality even if it may be off.

Lastly we have Rita Ora who is Jay-Z’s new protegé or what I would like to call the light-skin Rihanna. Well either way it goes she is fierce honey, giving us this old school hip-hop swag reminds me of TLC #YesHoney.


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