Fellas, Are You Paying More Attention To Your Women?

Across social media, men have been losing their minds wondering what they’ll do with their free time now that much of the sports season has been cancelled thanks to COVID-19. I mean, there’s only so much of Madden, NBA 2k, Call of Duty, and whatever else that you can play on a video game before you need to take a break. So, the real question is: Will these boys and men pay more attention to their women now that they can’t use sports as an excuse to get out of certain things?

Jeff Branson, a 20-year-old at Grand Valley State, feels that he can effectively manage between more time spent playing video games and his girlfriend. “I prioritize them both equally. I text and facetime my girlfriend daily while also playing MLB the show for hours on end. I can manage to do both.”

Although he seems to feel that he can balance the two, he underestimated the true effect that sports being cancelled would have on him. “I think sports being cancelled has impacted the male species severely. I didn’t realize how much we prioritize sports entertainment in our daily lives till it was taken by the coronavirus. As of now I just play my favorite video games and watch Netflix,” said Branson.

Justice Baker-Ramirez, a sophomore at UNLV, said that if he had a girlfriend he would take the safety of social distancing first before anything.

“I’d focus more on video games. We’d still want to practice social distancing, so I couldn’t go see her, but I would still talk to her every now and then. I’m just a guy who enjoys me-time,” Baker-Ramirez said.

So ladies, if you’re quarantined with your significant other, make sure they don’t focus all their attention on video games. Go outside, take a walk, a drive, or make smoothies. This is a rare time for society and any time given to spend with the people you care most about shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Fellas, take this additional time to further learn more about your significant other, or better yet, teach them how to play the video games you love.


By Kori Barnes, Sophomore, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole


Written by Kori Barnes

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