Fields Leads The Bears to a Game 1 Win

Justin Fields

Yesterday, The Chicago Bears beat out the 49ers 19-10 in the pouring rain at Soldier Field. Our new starting quarterback, Justin Fields, made two big plays leading to touchdowns. His performance backed up my hopes as he’s looking like a star quarterback for us. Our defense showed up, as they always do, but our offense took a while to get started. Either way I’m glad we got there.

Fields’ first game as a starter was vital for fans, as his performance was either going to make or break fans’ hope for the season. He had a tough start and it was looking gloomier than the weather for all of the first half. Fields had a total of 0 completions in the first half, which hasn’t happened to the Bears since the 1700s. The only completion he had during the first half was to the other team, as he threw an interception. Fields snapped into it in the second half though and showed us why we should believe in him. In this game Fields showed us his feet skills as he was able to run in and out the pocket to avoid the sack. This skill is where my hope comes from, and it is what makes me think the Bears are going to shine offensively. He ended up throwing two touchdown passes thanks to him using his feet and arms together.

Our ground game was on point the whole time with Khalil Herbert running one in for a touchdown along with gaining 45 rushing yards. Our defense was spectacular, but Bears fans expect a spectacular showing every time they hit the field. Either way our defense is one of our most powerful tools and it’s gonna play a huge part in this season’s success. The defense managed to get stop after stop and caused two fumbles, one of which we recovered. With a combination of our lock down defense and our star QB getting more confident, I believe the Bears have a chance to go far in the league, this season and the ones to come.


By Gary Langfield Jr., Senior, The Noble Academy


Written by TrueStar Staff

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