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Cardi B Catches Those Hands

Cardi B, with a bump on her forehead, leaves after an altercation at the Harper’s BAZAAR “ICONS by Carine Roitfeld” party at The Plaza on Friday, Sept. 7, 2018, New York. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have been involved in an altercation that got physical at a New York Fashion Week party. Video circulating on social media shows Cardi B lunging toward someone and being held back at Harper’s Bazaar Icons party. A person who witnessed the incident who asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly said Minaj was finishing up a conversation with someone when Cardi B tried to attack her, but Minaj’s security guards intervened. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

For all you Cardi fans, I’m going to show you this picture of Cardi that will shut you up for months. This is how your favorite female rapper really out here living?

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have got into it again. Friday night (Sept. 7th), Minaj was attacked by one of her fans, I mean Cardi B, at a New York Fashion Week party. It all started from an Instagram post from Cardi B saying, “I’ve let a lot of shxt slide… But when you mention my child, you choose to like comments about me as a mother, make comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter.” First of all, who wrote this for her? Second of all, where’s the proof that Minaj was talking about her baby. Where are the receipts? Also, Sis, let what slide? It’s no secret that Cardi has been running her mouth all around the industry, disrespecting Manaj for a check and some clout.  According to an interview with Lady Leshurr, a British rapper and singer, Cardi signed with Atlantic to start beef with Nicki because she wasn’t going to. Everybody wants to pin Minaj as the fool and as messy, but all she’s doing is staying in her bag. If Cardi did the same, maybe she wouldn’t be depending on Offset financially with her $8 million net worth as opposed to Minaj’s $70 million net worth.

According to NBC news, Minaj was finishing a conversation with a group of people when Cardi “not about that life” B attempted to attack her right after saying, “Let me tell you something.” Minaj said you met your match after Cardi threw a shoe at her. Minaj gave Cardi that work, leaving a big knot on her forehead. OOF!!! “Now she said she gon’ do what to who? Let’s find out and see. The devil works hard, but Minaj’s bodyguards work harder. Before the fight could escalate anymore, the fight was broken up.

You can watch the video here:

In the video, you can hear Cardi saying, “Bxtch come here.” I guess she wanted more of that work.

Now, I’m not one to condone violence and fighting, but Manaj handed Cardi her a**. See that fat knot on her head? Your favorite rapper talked so much stuff, but could not back it up. How do you swear up and down that you’re from the streets and you so gangster, but caught that fade? I’ve never known someone to get bopped upside their head and still talking reckless. She talked that talk, but all she manage to do was injure herself physically and her career. Cardi couldn’t match Manaj with those hands, with her music, with her worth, and definitely not with her class. This event at New York Fashion Week wasn’t a club, Cardi. Did she forget that she has a whole child at home and younger fans? What message are you sending kids: fight someone because they’re better than you? You can’t just run up on someone. It’s not like it really matters because Cardi got handled. Manaj is the Queen and you don’t have to ask Miss Ellen. Manaj has decided to not press charges on Cardi B.

Here’s a piece of advice for Cardi. Go home and take care of Kulture.

By Jada Daniel, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

Twitter: @tgijadaaa



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