Figuring Out Your 20s: Dating

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We’re constantly being fed different takes on relationships and how we should approach dating. I understand how entering your 20s makes relationships and companionship a big deal, and dating is talked about way more than when I was in high school.

I have mixed thoughts on dating from my completely subjective and limited point of view. I’ve had my own trial-and-error experiences with the dating game and can go on a tangent about dating apps, hookup culture and how too many preferences have ruined the experience for most of us.

Most of the comments I received from Gen Z on their experience with dating and how they view dating today have been relatively negative.

I received responses like “dating literally sucks,” “done with dating for 2023” and “what dating life?”

On the other hand, there were more positive outlooks. One person said they prefer to be single and not explore what’s out there. Another said they prioritized friendship and companionship first which led to a better relationship outcome with their partner.

As I navigate my 20s, I realize that dating and relationships are independent and shared experiences. It’s always nice to discuss your latest dating venture in conversation and discuss your desire for more, or less.

Plenty is being said on the internet and in different social groups about this being the time to have fun and date multiple people to figure out what you like. While also being told it’s okay to long for commitment and settle down.

I’m focusing on doing things very traditionally and not indulging in hookups or dating apps, but still being open to what comes my way. I’ve identified what I want at this stage of life and released unnecessary expectations with dating.

Whether you decide you want to run the course of friends first before being lovers, fully pursue finding a soulmate, stay single and enjoy your own time and platonic friendships, or focus on learning and enjoying yourself and not feeding into unrealistic standards set before you, that decision is entirely up to you.


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Written by TrueStar Staff

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