Finally Here…Ashanti ‘Braveheart’ Album



It’s finally here! The Ashanti album that some people have been waiting for, it seems like decades. ‘Braveheart’ hits us March 4, 2014. Artists like Rick Ross, Jeremih and French Montana are features on tracks as well. Way to go Ashanti.  #YouGotIt We see. Check out the Tracklisting below.




Braveheart Tracklisting

1. “Intro/Braveheart”
2. “Nowhere”
3. “Runaway”
4. “Count”
5. “Early in the Morning” feat. French Montana
6. “3 Words”
7. “Love Games” feat. Jeremih
8. “Scars”
9. “Never Should Have”
10. “She Can’t”
11. “Don’t Tell Me No”
12. “I Got It” feat. Rick Ross
13. “First Real Love” feat. Beenie Man/Outro
14. “Bonafide Survivor” (Target Exclusive)
15. “RIP” (Target Exclusive)

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