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Five Fashion Tips On How To Be Freezing And Fye

~ hey girl hey! So look the temperatures are dropping but your outfits still can be show stopping!


1) Cute Furry Head Bands

You can always unswoop your edges, keep your ears warm and still be cute.


2) Thigh High Boots

Wearing big bulky boots makes your outfit look drab but, you want your feet warm and you don’t want to be sick. Leave those problems astray with these show stopping fashion forward boots.

Paired with anything they can spice up a look. Wanna wear a skirt but don’t want your legs to freeze? Problem solved sus!


3) Long Socks

Now I know the first thing you think of are the childish socks with bows and polka dots but, no there are cute mature knit socks that can be used to level up your look and level up your warmth… lol


4) Timberlands

Yes we all know about these. Basic but cute 🙂 They come in several colors and can be easily used to dress down an everyday fit.


5) Jogging Suits

These are cute,fun, and chill. They’re also easy to style and can be worn for just about any occasion. You know that girl… Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, or whatever.


~ love shani

Ig: _liltice_

Written by IVC Productions

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