Flashback Friday: What We Do Freeway (’03)


So do y’all remember State Property 2? The dude that Beans had to share a cell with, and his name was Free. Word to the wise, 90% of the movie’s cast were artist who are signed to the ROC, and free was one of them, with his stage name being Freeway. Like I said in ‘My First Love’ this song was a good part of my childhood because it’s my Dad’s favorite (shouts out to pops for putting me on).

Being younger, I never listened to the lyrics, it was all about how the instrumental/beat made me feel. ‘What We Do’ truly gives me life now that I’m able to grow up and realize what the song is about, which is the hood hu$tle. Freeway was a good lyricist and he didn’t let the jewels and clothes become apart of his character which I loved. The sample in the background is from Creative Source’s ‘I Just Can’t See Myself Without You’, they are really a 70s slow jam group. The song was dropped in ’03 so I was a real youngin’, probably only 2, but Freeway will forever be apart of my life.

Written by Shay

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