Floyd Mayweather’s Plea For Help – “Jail Is Going To Ruin My Body !”

As we all know, Floyd Mayweather began his sentence of 90 days in jail on June 1st of this year due to charges of domestic violence. Allegedly, he beat up his ex girlfriend, Josie Harris, in front of their two children, ages 9 and 10. He reportedly took both his ex and kids cell phones and twisted her arm, along with punching her. One of his kids jumped a gate to seek the police.

The crazy thing is after 12 days in prison, Mayweather asked to be released from prison and be put on house arrest. I have not told y’all the best part though, which is his reason. According to Mayweather this 90 days in prison will ruin his body for boxing, since he is on certain diets and intense training. Get this, he hates the water and food as well. He claims that by the time he gets out of jail, he won’t be fit enough to box ever again. If this is not the stupidest excuse in the world, I don’t know what is.

The judge denied his plea and Mayweather will remain in prison until his sentence is up. I’m glad the judge saw right through his BS because that’s exactly what that is. Lets be real for a minute–shall we? He has been training for years .There is no way that these couple of months will throw his body completely off. In prison they have weights and exercising tools. He better think smart and run back and forth in that jail cell or do some sit ups and push ups.

Sorry if I’m being nonchalant, but I don’t have sympathy for any man who puts his hands on a woman, especially in front of his kids. That’s some critical s**t. Then he wants to cry like a baby and come up with an excuse to get out of jail. Should have thought about all that before you put your hands on her. Furthermore, he’s lucky he did not get more than 90 days. He has it easy with the jail time, paying a 2,500 dollar fine, and a 100 hours of community service in my opinion.

What do you all think? Should he be released early from prison?

Written by Eri Loves


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