Football Players Coming Together For Charity Camp


Last Saturday,football players came to Chicago for The Gridiron Classic youth camp.Last weekend launched new camps for Chicago’s youth.This camp will be for young athletes,ages 8-17,who are ready to be active.The camp was offered for athletes to meet and greet professional athletes.It has both a cheer and football camp.

There were cheerleaders and dancers there.One of their biggest football players there was, Alphonso Roundtree.He was a former Miami Dolphin.He stated, “I am very excited to join forces with NRG and key supporters in the City of Chicago to increase the offering of quality youth sports camps in the Chicago area,”

The camp is hoping to expand its players and to help all youths all over the city.I really think this is good because there are a lot of people who have talent and either don’t know what to do with it or don’t have enough resources to expand their talents.But having professionals in their presence,they’ll get the guidance that they need and even mentors.

The camp is designed to help youth succeed and I support anything and everything that has to do with dreams,goals,and success.

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Written by Eri Loves


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