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Gen Z Has High Hopes for 2024

Gen-Zers share their New Year’s Resolutions

How to bring in your 2024 the best way? What are some New Year’s resolutions for Gen Z?

We all know how it feels for the New Year to come around and fill everyone’s spirits for a bright future. For some this is a fresh start, to start a new hobby, to graduate, to fall in love, and more experiences that have the possibility of taking place. The most cliche goals we typically hear around this time of year include starting on a new fitness journey or cooking more and eating out less. Not saying it’s not possible, but many users joke on social media regarding the attempted failed resolutions but “at least you tried” mindset.

Despite the majority of assumed New Year’s resolutions would consist of physical acts, many Gen Zers are going deeper within for their personal journeys. In this generation, I definitely feel that we’re more in tune with our mental health and perspectives on the new world. We are more opinionated and outspoken than previous generations and many have expressed the necessity of being more emotionally aware of themselves and others. Although previous generations may have had a “swept under the rug” philosophy, Gen Z wants to do the inner work head on.

Diamond Brookes, 23, wants to start therapy next year and plans to stick to her plan no matter what. Regardless of having to make the time within her schedule, she wants to understand herself more.

“I think therapy is good for me. I’m busy a lot of the time, so it’s easy to forget about a session because I have a million other things in my head,” Brookes said. “I want to understand who I am, my parents, and just the world really. I’m trying to learn to give myself and others grace.”

Brooklyn Lee, 20, wants to start meditating and getting into a vegan lifestyle to maintain what she believes is most healthy for her body.

“I love seeing all the meditation inspiration and vegan, clean, healthy lifestyles on TikTok. I hate cooking and I don’t really like to meal prep throughout the week, but this has improved my energy levels and being able to sleep throughout the night,” said Lee. “Starting mediation in the morning is definitely something I want to be consistent at because it’s the perfect way to relax me and start my day before grabbing my phone.”

Everyone’s New Year’s resolutions are meant to be different and what works best for you. As long as you’re making the effort to improve and overall work for better, that’s all you can ask for. Give yourself the opportunity to learn, grow, and even fail. If your resolutions don’t always go as planned, give yourself grace and try again.


By Kori Barnes,  University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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