Get Hot with Meg’s Hottie Bootcamp

Megan Thee Stallion does squats in Hottie Bootcamp.

What I truly admire about Megan Thee Stallion is her true authenticity and love for being in her own skin. She advocates for and praises all women body types, regardless of skin color. Thus, Megan using her social media platform to share her new “Hottie Bootcamp” to encourage her fans and followers to get healthy was nothing short of a surprise.

The Stallion rapper showed us a behind the scenes clip of her becoming determined to stick through with this Bootcamp on her health journey. She savored her last moments with greasy meals and junk food because starting the next day, it was show time. She explicitly stated in her video that this “is not a weight loss journey” but that she just wants to feel healthier overall with what she consumes and drinks. Eating and drinking whatever you want can definitely be satisfying at the time, but after a while it may start slowing your body down. Therefore, she’s all about healthy meals, snacks, and high intensity boxing workouts.


Megan Thee Stallion is taking her massive social media platforms on an exclusive behind the scenes journey of her process throughout her “Hottie Bootcamp.” She’s posting daily videos of her meals, workout routines, trainers, etc. She’s not holding anything back as she shows the realities of what she’s truly trying to accomplish. Earlier this week, she shared on her platform photos of her one week progress difference. And I must say, this “Hottie Bootcamp” is definitely something I want to take part in.

Another aspect of her Bootcamp that is incredibly intriguing is pole dancing. All dancers and strippers/exotic dancers will definitely appreciate the art of what she’s trying to master because the skill is incredibly difficult. However, why not have fun while getting healthy in the best way? I know I would love to take a pole dancing class with Megan!

If you want the full workout routines, health tips, schedules, and more exclusive footage of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hottie Bootcamp” make sure to follow and stay updated with her Instagram page or her YouTube channel. I can only imagine how amazing her ending results will look when her Bootcamp is finished because her body is everything to begin with. Vote your reaction to her “Hottie Bootcamp” in the polls below!


By Kori Barnes, Junior, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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