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Easy Tips On How To Build Your Wealth Now


It’s a new year and one of your goals for 2019 should be financial stability. We got to talk to Brian Robinson, a certified public accountant and a finance blogger about how you can start the new year off right by being smarter with your money!

When is the right age to start being money smart?

There is a Chinese proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” The same is true with becoming financially literate. You should start now. Your financial habits won’t change in a day. So start learning to be financially savvy now, so you can live your best life sooner.

Several ways to get started are:

  • Evaluate what money means to you and who or what influenced the way you think about money (your money mindset)
  • Make A Budget
    • Then analyze your spending habits & why you buy certain items
  • Read financial literacy books and listen to podcasts
    • Book Recommendations:
      • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
      • The Millionaire Next Door
      • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
      • The Richest Man in Babylon
    • Podcast Recommendations:
      • Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast
      • Clever Girl Finance
      • The Ash Cash Show
      • The His & Her Money Show
      • Journey to Launch

When creating a budget what things should be included?

When creating a budget first evaluate how much income you are bringing in, how often you are paid, and how consistent your income is. That will help determine the best ways for you to budget successfully. I recommend budgeting in monthly increments for a high-level view, but also would advise one to have a detailed budget that aligns with their pay schedule.

How can teens/young adults balance having fun and saving money? 

The key is to plan effectively. This is how a budget helps. Make sure to allocate money in your budget for entertainment, dining-out, hobbies, and any other fun activities. Also, if you love to travel, set up a savings account for travel, and save every paycheck! Great money management allows you to have fun without regretting it the next morning when looking at your bank account. However, I would encourage teens/young adults to consider delaying gratification while they are younger, so they can truly live their best life later.

Any advice you wish you could give your younger self regarding being money smart?

  • A new car is one of the worst investments you can make
  • Save and invest your money
  • The best investment is an investment in your personal development
  • Apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible to avoid student loans
  • Spending all your money on clothes and shoes is a bad investment
  • Always have a budget and keep track of where your money is going
  • Put your money to work so it can multiply
  • Instead of trading your time for money, find ways to passively bring in income
  • You control the exact level of your financial success
  • Never try to keep up with the Joneses
  • Always have an emergency fund
  • Don’t rack up credit card debt
  • Start investing in real estate as soon as possible

If you want to learn more about financial literacy follow Robinson on Twitter (@theinfamouscpa) and visit his blog where he’s constantly giving updates about his journey to being money smart.


By Jordan Danae, Northern Illinois Alumna

IG & Twitter: jordaniaa_


Written by Jordan Danae

Jordan Danaè, an urban literature nerd and a hip-hop enthusiast. Northern Illinois Alumna hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. I am because you are!

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