Get The ARCS You Want!

Tips to get publishers to send you the new books you want

So we have all seen the book bloggers who always seem to have pulled the latest, hottest book out of thin air! Some people seem to have all the luck — they’re easily approved by publishers to receive ARCS aka advanced reader copies of books that everyone wants but aren’t even on the shelves yet. As a booktuber and bookstagrammer (someone who talks about books on YouTube and or Instagram), I’ve always been wicked jealous of bloggers who get ARCS. Even though I’ve been pretty steadily building my book blogger platform and have a decent following, I kept getting rejected for requests!

This article is all about how to get approved for ARCS. No more crickets when you click the request button on NetGalley! Here are some tips I learned that I think aspiring book bloggers will really dig and benefit from.

Come up with a book request template

Publishers want to see that you got your stuff together. I start my emails by introducing myself, sharing links to my social media and how many followers I have, explaining why the particular book I’m requesting matters to me, sharing my contact information (including address where they can send the book), and wrapping it all up with a thank you note. It’s REALLY important to include the publisher’s name in your email (that way it feels personal to them), the full title and author of the book you’re asking for (including its release date), AND you have to explain why they should send it to YOU of all people. There are tons of bloggers asking for requests so make sure to share info about yourself that’ll make you stand out from the crowd! For example, I often share that I’m a black/queer/latinx book reviewer when I’m requesting books that have main characters or an author from my background. It lets the publishers know I have a personal connection to the book and my followers might too.

Request ARCS often

At least once or every two weeks, try to send out a request for a book that has caught your eye! The more you request books, the better you’ll get at understanding what publishers are looking for.

Have someone proofread your email

If possible, have this proofer be another book blogger with more experience. Nothing turns a publisher off more than spelling errors *shivers*.

Make a profile on NetGalley (a website for requesting online copies of unreleased books)

Be sure that your profile is as thorough as possible! I have my Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube linked along with a full description of the books I like and who I am as a person. It’s tough to get started on NetGalley because publishers like to see you have already gotten approved and reviewed arcs. But as long as you request often and frequently, you’ll build a presence on the website and then publishers won’t be able to wait to send you their stuff!

And that’s all folks! These are tips that have REALLY helped me get approved for ARCS. Don’t be afraid of a little rejection. Just dust yourself off and improve your approach.


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