“Girl,Why?” – Mr. Lame


Trying to find someone special in this city is like trying to get an A in Physics; it’s almost impossible. Then, when you think you are so close to finding the special person, they do something that makes you regret ever giving them a chance. In my case, I gave a certain boy a chance who so happened to be in a place no one ever wants to be in, the friend zone. And we all know how it hard it is to get out once you’re in it.

I had plans on keeping him in the friend zone, but we all know those plans weren’t accomplished. Everyone was telling me to give him a chance, and of course my pushover self did. And man don’t I regret doing that. Everything was going alright, but then you know things can’t stay like that forever. It was just a normal day, when he decided to video call me.

Let’s be honest, I was excited to see him, but not so excited to see the girls surrounding him, but then when I called him out on it, he had the audacity to act like it’s no big deal and leave me high and dry. A part of me was hurt until my “Voices of Reason” told me it was too short to even be considered anything real, really just a moment, a moment I’ll call thinking I was stepping out of the friend zone with “Mr. Lame”. Take this as a lesson, maybe they are “just a friend” for a reason.

-Ambitiously J

Written by IVC Productions


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