Guess Who Just Got Their Hand Tatted Up?!

riri-tattooWant to take a wild guess which lady got her hand tatted this week? Go head and take a stab at it. I’ll give you a hint. She just came out with a new video to her club anthem. Hmmm, do you know now??

Rihanna-Get-Traditional-Maori-TattooIf you guessed RiRi, then you’re pretty smart! Rihanna took a slight break from her “Diamonds” tour to get tatted. She got a chisel and mallet tattoo on her right hand. It looks painful as heck! I mean I have one tattoo on my stomach and that low key hurt. I would not dare put one on my hand.Seems way too painful, but little Miss.Rihanna took it like a gangsta. The final result looks like this:

downloadOh Lawd! It’s cute but it looks like way too much for me! What do ya’ll think of it?

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Written by Eri Loves


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