Guess Who Our Mom Is?

KylanewbornKylanewbornI wonder who these beautiful little girls’ mom is. Hmmm, do you know? I’m going to give you a clue. Their mom is on the BET show, Let’s Stay Together. She’s been acting for a while now and does a pretty good job at it. Do you know now?

p8439400_n187596_cc_v9_aaIf you guessed Kyla Pratt, then you got it. Kyla has been private when it comes to her children. However, she released this picture of her 3 year old daughter Lyric and her 8 month old with the Easter Bunny. Her and her boyfriend, Danny Kalpatrick, have been staying out of the media with their daughters. However, we are happy to see that Kyla is doing her thang and has  released a picture of her cute little angels.

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Written by Eri Loves


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