Hamlin Could Be Released From Hospital Soon

Pictured with loved ones, Hamlin displays a symbol of love for all his supporters from his hospital bed.

As of January 9th, Damar Hamlin was moved from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center to Buffalo General Hospital, which means he is back home with his family and team. Or closer anyway. Hamlin has been getting better faster than doctors expected, which most likely led to his return to Buffalo, and his team couldn’t be happier. Speaking of his team, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, Sean McDermott, believes the team has grown in his absence. McDermott told reporters, “We will all have grown as people, and as men in this case, the guys that were out there on the field, by going through an experience like this.”

Seeing Hamlin progressively get better and moved back to his city has greatly relieved the Buffalo Bills. According to CNN, McDermott said, “I think overall, it just continues to put our minds at ease that he’s in good hands and moving in the right direction.”  As the Bills move into the postseason, having peace of mind about Hamlin acts as an immense spirit boost. McDermott surely agrees as he told reporters, ¨having (Hamlin) nearby will give us more comfort” and inspire the team as it prepares for the postseason.

Hamlin himself has been getting remarkably better. According to reports, he was walking around the hospital just a few hours after his breathing tube was removed. Dr.Timothy Pritts, a surgeon who was working with Hamlin, says that normal recovery from a cardiac arrest could be measured in terms of weeks to months, but Hamlin “has been a little bit ahead of that at each stage.” Pritts said that Hamlin was able to be moved to Buffalo because he now has stable organs and is fully neurologically intact. Hamlin surely has ways to go before he is a fully recovered man, but he has made significant strides and managed to inspire hope and change in his absence.

Just hours ago, CNN also reported that Hamlin could be released from the Buffalo hospital within 24 to 48 hours after he passes a series of medical tests. In a tweet Hamlin asked that fans keep praying for him. Can’t blame him for that. The prayers are obviously working in his favor.


By Gary Langfield Jr., Senior, The Noble Academy

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Written by Gary Langfield

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