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My Cheer Now is a cheerleading organization which provides a platform for Cheerleaders around the world to share ideas, experiences and love for Cheerleading. One main way MCN promotes cheerleading is through their One-Day cheerleading camps at Chicago Park District parks. MCN also offers a Private in the Park (PIP) program, cheer therapy, as well as a Big Cheerleader-Little Cheerleader program for cheerleaders (male and female) ages 8-18. MCN staff is outside offering PIP sessions every Saturday morning from 9:00am to 11:00am at Gately Stadium located at 810 East 103rd Street.
My Cheer Now coaching staff consists of some of the best male and female cheerleaders in the city. All staff has either coached at a university/college level or has participated collegiate. All their staff members are passionate about the sport, and spreading this spirit to every young student athlete they can reach. All coaches are trained in the areas of safe stunting, concussion awareness, CPR, and much more. MCN has worked with over 300 kids in the past 2 years.

On August 18th, True Star attended one of their one-day cheerleading camps at RobichauxPark to see what MCN was working with. Come to find out, the camp was a very fun time for all the girls there. They learned the fundamentals of cheerleading ; arm movements and what to keep in mind while cheering, like don’t let a judge see you mess up and block it with a bright smile! The girls touched on tumbling, basket tosses, and even learned a full routine to do at the end of the camp. Over all, MCN is a great organization for girls to come to if they’re interested in cheering.

By: Braylyn B.

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