Have You Ever Heard Of Traveling For FREE?! [Students It’s Possible]


This semester, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to South Africa. From the breathtaking views characterized by the crashing waves of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans to Table Mountain, which seems to be a permanent fixture in every neighborhood in Cape Town, this has been an amazing experience. What is even more amazing is that I get to do it for free! Being a student has allowed all of these doors to open. As I sit on another continent writing this piece, I hope this advice will motivate you to see the world around you!
1. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRAVEL! It seems that a lot of people are afraid to travel to other countries or continents, which is an understandable fear of the unknown. Yet, you shouldn’t let this fear hinder you.Chicago is but a granule of sand in this amazingly diverse world. Trust and believe by exploring the world, you will gain great exposure and life lessons.
2. THERE IS A SCHOLARSHIP FOR EVERYTHING! Everyone loves students. From student discounts to entry into exclusive venues, being a student is a prized entry into a multitude of places. Being a student is always  helpful when trying to acquire funds. You can get funding for practically anything. There are scholarships for being tall, black, Hispanic, a twin, etc… You have absolutely no excuses!
3. WHERE TO TRAVEL? Well, this may be one of the most daunting questions. Coming from the South Side of Chicago and having the opportunity to travel anywhere can be intimidating. These are some tips for selecting a good travel location.
a. Think of somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Simple, yet challenging.
b. What cultures have you always wanted to experience?
c. How is the dollar compared to that country’s currency?
d. What is the spoken language?
e. Is this country surrounded by other cities and/or counties that you would like to visit?
4. PROGRAMS,PROGRAMS,PROGRAMS! There are travel programs for literally everywhere! Once you identify a location, you can find a study abroad program that caters to your needs and desires.
5. PREPARE BEFORE YOU GO. Makes sure to read about your destination post-arrival. Become aware of what you are about to get yourself into, and have a basic idea of what you could expect. However, do not create fanatical expectations that will make it hard for you to be in the “right now”.
This tip will also be fruitful when packing.
6. MAKE SURE TO DOCUMENT YOUR EXPERIENCE! Not only will these  pictures, letters, journal entries etc. help you to remember your experiences after you return, but they will also help you to share the world with others that haven’t had the same opportunity.
Lastly, live without regrets. Internalize the fact that you only have one life, so live it!
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Tayler Ulmer is the creator of Black Girl Without Border’s travel blog. She is also one of the charter members of Girls Going Global, a non profit organization that seeks to broaden the international horizons of young girls of color, at Spelman College. 

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