Hello November

Every month we end and begin on this same note. Well this month is special to me. Why? Well , because its my birthday month. Storie Stone will be 27 on November 22,2017 and I can honestly say that I’m not happy all the time about my progress. But I am PROUD that I’m not where a lot of people thought I’d be. Of course, there were naysayers and people who thought that because of the things that I lacked I wouldn’t succeed, but God proved them wrong. As usual. This month has always promised to be my best. And thus far its honestly starting off better than I could have ever imagined. My family and I worked hard and prayed even harder to get our new place and we officially got settled in as of 10/27. Over joyed to say the least. And Papa’s buying me a new car for my birthday. I am beyond blessed.

I shared that information with you all not in  a braggadocious manner, but to tell you to begin with the end in mind. Be happy about the things that you have yet to receive as they are already yours. No one knows your prayers but you and only you can make yourself feel good about the journey. This is our 2nd to last month before we get to wind down and recharge. For alot of people, myself included, this is the most favorable time of year. Nothing to do with the pagan holidays or the falsied traditions of specific stories, but more so the love and regeneration that it symbolizes. When Thanksgiving comes around people are looking forward to eating some good food and being surrounded by love and laughter until Christmas comes and brings it back to them.

Do something empowering this season before the year commences. If you havent began your plan of action for 2018, you’re already behind. Write down what you want to see by March and where you want to go in June. How you would like to feel by August and what October of 2018 will mean in your life. It is never too late to go hard. Aside from all the Xena Warrior Princess vibes, Happy Halloween. We are in the thick of cuffing season yall! Perfect time to find someone worthy of cuddling and knowing your secrets. Don’t settle for less than your worth and continue to put God first and yourself directly after, you wont regret it.


With Love,

Storie Stone

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Written by Storie Stone

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