Here’s The Secret To Keep Your Boo From Being Bored

In the beginning, it’s always simple. The staying up all night talking, the heart racing, the smiles, the butterflies. It always seems happier in the beginning because it’s new. Talking to someone for the first time, developing a crush, getting to know them and then dating them. That is always the easy part. What’s hard is actually staying together.

It’s natural for us to get bored; in fact it’s even expected in a relationship. This doesn’t mean boredom is an excuse to cheat or break up. In fact it should be the opposite. Boredom should be the motivation to make your relationship better. Whenever you’re feeling bored, or even just a little tired of your relationship, here are some ways to help reignite the spark.

It’s The Small Things

We try our hardest to impress each other when we begin a new relationship, but after a while, this starts to fade. Maybe your significant other becomes too busy, or maybe you do. But either way, the small gestures can make a huge difference in your relationship, like these:

-Buying flowers or their favorite food when they’ve had a bad day.

-Writing a note, and this doesn’t have to be a long handwritten letter, it could just be a short note that compliments them on their style or their personality.

-Ask them how their day was, and try to be genuinely interested in their response. That means not looking at your phone while talking to him or her. Give bae your full, undivided attention.

Try Something Different Together

Usually the problem with being together for a long time is that you develop a routine. You know which places to go eat because they’re your favorite spots, so you only go to these places. This is a factor that helps lead to boredom. Try something different!

If your usual time to see each other is at 4 pm on weekdays, then try to reschedule to see them during the weekend instead. Do something fun, go to Six Flags, ice skate, roller skate, go bowling or even mini-golfing. Do something that can bring out the competitive edge in each of you but also just lead to an all around good time that will make you both laugh.

Most Importantly, Remember Why You’re With Him/Her

Sometimes we take those we love for granted, simply because we know they’ll always be there. This especially happens in romantic relationships. But even the people who we think will always be there, sometimes won’t. It’s important to appreciate who you have in your life while they’re still there, especially when it comes to your partner.

Whenever you start to feel bored, or even frustrated with your relationship, remember what drew you to your partner in the first place. Think about exactly why you’ve been with him/her for this long. Even better, talk to bae. Nothing can truly make your relationship more intimate than communicating with your partner.

By Veronica Ruiz, Senior, Lane Tech College Prep

Instagram: @v.eronicaruiz

Written by Veronica Ruiz

17 years old and enjoying it. I love to write...but bios? Definitely not my thing.

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