Hey Bears! Changes Need To Happen!

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Ignore the score saying the game was closer than it seemed. That 36-25 is a lie. The Bears got blown to bits by the Saints. Things need to change. Starting the with quarterback.

Mitchell Trubisky

What a pitiful performance by the third-year quarterback. Sure, he was 34-53 passing for 251 and two TDs, but that doesn’t mean anything. The two TDs all came with less than five minutes left and the Bears were already out of the game by then. Before the fourth quarter, Mitchell Trubisky has less than 90 yards passing and was playing like a third string QB. He missed several open receivers, especially on third downs, and seemed to play scared. Trubisky, despite being one of the most athletically gifted QBs, didn’t even attempt a single rush when the passing game wasn’t working. Chase Daniels played like a much more confident QB when he was starting. The only saving grace for Turbisky is that he is coming off an injury, but even that is hardly an excuse. The change is simple. Either Trubisky bounces back or the Bears find someone else if he keeps up the poor play.

Offensive Line

Yes, Trubisky was horrible, but the offensive line has plenty of blame too. Even though Kyle Long is hurt, it isn’t a real excuse for this kind of play. Trubisky seemed to be pressured on every single play. I would talk about the running game, but there was almost no running in the game. To keep things simple, the offensive line looked horrendous against the Saints. So what needs to happen? The Bears should go into the offseason with a priority of getting good O-line prices above anything else, whether it be from the draft for free agency.

Matt Nagy

What. The. Actual. F***. Was. That. Matt Nagy won Coach of the Year last year, but looks more like someone who is lost. There is no excuse as to why the top two running backs on the team should get five combined carries. No excuse at all. That play calling was disgusting. Even with creative routes and plays, passing was beyond predictable for the entire game. If Trubisky was struggling, which he clearly was, RUN THE DANG BALL. Horrible play calling. His change is obvious: Coach the way he did last year.


By Hugo Vazquez, Senior, Brooks College Prep

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Written by Hugo Vazquez

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