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Hey Black Girl! Know Your Magic!

Let’s see, there was Chris Brown’s “nice hair” comment, Halle Bailey getting called out for being a Black mermaid, and the doctor escorted off a plane because of her romper. These are just some examples of the hate that sisters receive on a regular. It’s also proof that not everyone sees our magic.

Black Girl Magic. There are many different definitions to this term, but the only definition that matters is the one you define yourself with. Black women, young and old, all around the world are becoming more and more confident every day because they are coming into terms of their self-worth. The mainstream definition of Black Girl Magic is the celebration of beauty, power, and resilience of Black women. But what does this mean for us personally?

Beauty. It’s been known for darker toned women to be insecure about themselves because of the way society has compared light skin and dark skin women. This isn’t saying that lighter skinned women are not insecure at all because everybody has their own insecurities. Insecurities like not having “good hair” such as the curly manageable hair or that we are too curvy and our lips are too big. But when you are able to dig deeper and feel comfortable in your own skin, then that’s when you start to feel how beautiful you are. Easiest ways to do this is to dig deep and figure out what exactly you’re insecure about and EMBRACING it. Whether it is a physical or mental insecurity, you should try to stop letting it affect you or bring you down. Another way is getting a grasp to your culture. We often go through many stages of the racial identity model where we view White people as better than ourselves while we are the inferior. Once we get a better understanding of our cultural backgrounds, it will help us see the beauty of our race and can help form our feelings about our race into a positive self-identity.

Power. If you didn’t know by now, Black women are as powerful as any other race. In order to feel that power that you have, you have to find that thing that you really want and go for it. Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way or affect you and change your mind.

Resilience. When haters come for you to knock you off your game (trust and believe that they will come) and you allow them to do so, you haven’t found your resilience. Resilience is when you are knocked down, but you still get back up. Things still affect you like it would affect another, but you still bounce back. You are allowed to feel some type of way from setbacks, but you also need to be strong, face your challenges, and keep pushing because at the end of the day, nothing can stop you, but you.

Black women are so powerful, beautiful, and strong. We all have our own different types of Black Girl Magic and in order for us to find it, we must dig deep within ourselves and begin to feel more comfortable in the skin we are in.


By Bailey Boone, Sophomore, Gwendolyn Brooks

Instagram: @adorebailss


By Bailey Boone, Sophomore, Gwendolyn Brooks

IG: @adorebailss


Written by TrueStar Staff

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