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High School? …Don’t Know Her Anymore

A note to self

I remember the first day she walked through the doors at Kenwood Academy. She just knew she had to buss a fit for the first day of school. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but she had on some fresh Nike Air Max. She walked into Kenwood confident and ready to take on the world.

She remained focused throughout all of years of high school, completing assignments on time, staying organized, involved in extracurriculars, and maintaining a 4.0 GPA all four years of this high school journey.

Although she was on top of her game in terms of academics and extracurriculars, she was struggling socially and emotionally. She was in a relationship with her first love. What she thought was going to last all throughout high school ended within a year. He was a hooper, and like many hoopers he was cute and cool, but had enough attention to give to other girls besides her. If you’re picking up what I’m putting down. No shade!

The high school freshman version of Amber Anderson.

She started off this journey with some shady friends, but she traded them for the real–some young women that she will be able to call her sisters for life. Let’s just brag on her homegirls real quick. They have been there for her through thick and thin, wiped all her tears, and held her down. She couldn’t have asked for better sister-friends. Without them she wouldn’t have been able to overcome some of the obstacles encountered throughout the crazy journey.

These relationships caused a lot of growth for her as an individual. The reality is that the people you start high school with may not be the people that you end it with, and that is completely okay. People outgrow each other or simply just show their true colors. Stay unbothered, most importantly mind the business that pays you, okay!

In 2017, her journey took a sharp right turn that allowed her to blossom into an amazing young woman. One of her accomplishments was co-founding the Black is Gold Organization. This was a blessing for her, not because of the perks that came with owning your own business, but because she was becoming a leader, public servant, and grew a deeper love for serving her community.

This experience allowed her to realize that hard work and networking is what gets you in the door. Most importantly, she learned that you have to work hard; you have to go get the bag, the bag won’t come get you.

Overall, high school was a dope experience for her, she learned a lot about herself and the woman she aspires to become. But high school, we don’t know her anymore, she is officially cut off. Now, I’m looking forward to my next four years at Hampton University, or as some people would call it, my soon to be new “Home by the Sea.”


By Amber Anderson, Senior, Kenwood Academy

Instagram: @amberanderson___


Written by Amber Anderson

Amber Nicole Anderson is a trailblazer on a mission to inspire and empower young women throughout the city of Chicago. She is recognized by influential leaders and peers alike for her role model qualities, high potential, daring spirit, and commitment to excellence. Look for more of my articles on my blog, 'Sippin Tea With A' at

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