‘House of the Dragon’: What Comes Next?

Does season one of “House of Dragon” make up for the ending of “Game of Thrones”?

Now that “House of the Dragon” has ended with quite the explosive finale, the question on everyone’s minds is what comes next? When does season two come out?

Because it most definitely is getting a season two. The finale alone drew in an audience of over  9 million people, making it by far the platform’s biggest show since “Game of Thrones.” According to the show runner, production has already started on the second season, but it probably won’t be coming until sometime in 2024.

Did you notice in the intro the fourth bloodline coming from Alicent? Yeah, she has a fourth child. In his blog post, the writer of “Fire and Blood,” George R.R. Martin said that they didn’t have room for Daeron Targarian this season, and that’s why he’s been studying in Oldtown this whole time. He’s confirmed to be coming in season two.

A highlight everyone will remember from this season will be Viserys I Targarian, played by Paddy Considine. His performance was so phenomenal that Considine in an interview said he got a text from GRRM himself saying his version of the character was better than the version from the book. He for sure deserves an Emmy for his final episode.

Other highlights are Rhaenyra bursting out of the floor of Baelor’s Sept (maybe that’s what Helaena meant by “Beware the beast beneath the boards”), Alicent and Rhaenyra’s performances by all four of the actors – Aegon’s (yuck) coronation, Daemon versus the Crabfeeder, and of course Aemond and Luke’s scene together.

All in all, this show was significantly better than the last few seasons of “Game of Thrones.” What an exciting time to watch something from that universe and enjoy it again. The world is full of ugly, evil characters and themes, but the writing for them has been immaculate. Let’s hope it tries to be its own thing without tying in too much with “Game of Thrones.” It was a little disappointing that Viserys and Rhaenyra’s motivations weren’t purely based on selfish need, as is the common theme with most rulers in Westeros, but rather because of Aegon I’s prophecy, and stopping the white walkers with the catspaw dagger.

That, with a few other small gripes, hardly compares to the travesty that was season eight of GOT, though, nor makes “House of the Dragon” bad at all. This season was just the set-up of magical conflicts that are coming up, so we can expect larger and larger audiences as the show progresses. On top of that, there are five other spin-off shows in the works, including “Ten Thousand Ships,” “The Hedge Knight,” “Snow,” “The Golden Empire,” and “The Sea Snake.”

What was your favorite part of “House of the Dragon” season one? Let me know.


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