How Quarantine Change My Life

How did quarantine change my life? This is a question I often find myself thinking about. The Nia pre-quarantine and Nia post-quarantine are two completely different people. Sometimes I wonder if post quarantine Nia wouldn’t exist if corona didn’t disrupt all our lives, or if this new perspective on life was inevitable. Regardless of the fact, here are some ways how quarantine changed me.

I’ll start with the positives. During quarantine I discovered my somewhat talent for drawing and it all started due to the sheer boredom from being quarantined. Without finding this hidden talent, I probably would’ve been permanently glued to my phone way more often. I also have found a new appreciation for those I know and love because I realized how much I took being able to fully interact with them for granted. This has allowed me to build stronger friendships/relationships with them and to cherish every second I have with them. Lastly, this time to myself has opened my eyes a lot more to the political side of the world. I had a little knowledge before of what was happening in the world, but being quarantined really made me more attentive to the social injustices going on right before my eyes.

On the other hand, being quarantined allowed me to realize how much I rely on social interaction for my day-to-day happiness. Not being able to see anyone outside my house for months made me more irritable, bored, and frustrated. Also, being taught from a computer was a big challenge for me when we first started remote learning. It took me some time to get motivated and it sorta made me pick up old procrastination habits that aren’t helpful in school. Something else that impacted me was finding out the difference between school friends and real friends. Most people I only talked to at school because our conversations consisted of things that only happened in school.

In the midst of the pandemic I was mainly trying to focus on self-care and improvement so I can find peace with our situation. I feel like this new version of myself is more mature, active, observant, and I find comfort in knowing that something good came out of the mess that is the COVID pandemic.


By Nia Morgan, Junior, Brooks College Prep


Written by TrueStar Staff

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