How To Keep Those Protective Styles From Wild’n Out

Protective styles are a Black girl’s go-to when it comes to the overall health of our hair. They cut the time of your beauty routine in half, and they are pretty low maintenance. But there are still some things that have to be done in order to keep those braids and locs looking good. Follow these tips to keep your hair looking fresh and on point!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Nobody wants to be out here rocking dry and brittle hair. Just like your natural hair out of a protective style, you have to moisturize your scalp fairly often. Use a leave-in conditioner, natural oil, or the best and cheapest option: water! Take five minutes out of your day about 2-3 times a week to moisturize and reduce breakage and dryness.

Protect Your Hair At Night

Go to your local beauty supply store and go crazy! Get a couple of silk bonnets to wear at night in the colors of your choice to ensure that your style will last. If you’re anything like me, and you sleep wild, you can also buy a satin pillowcase just in case your bonnet comes off or you don’t like wearing them. The satin texture will prevent your braids from frizzing and will keep your roots moisturized. (watch at :18 seconds)

Use A Sheen Spray Or Mousse

I’ve noticed that protective styles tend to get frizzy very fast if you don’t do something to prevent that from happening. A light mist of oil sheen spray daily will get that shine that we all want our hair to have. Every couple of days smooth a styling foaming mousse throughout your braids and twists to reduce frizz.

Get A Touch-Up

If you want to maximize the amount of time you have your protective styles, then get your edges redone every couple of weeks. You will have some new growth that may have you looking a little rough, so you can touch your hair up to look fresher. Make sure that when you take the braids along your edges down that you carefully detangle and deep condition your hair before getting them redone.

Don’t Leave Them In For Too Long

When you know, you know. If you leave your styles in for over two months, you’re pushing it. Keeping your braids and twists in for too long can make your hair prone to breaking off, and honestly it’s just not that cute.

I hope these five tips can help with your protective style journey. You will definitely get your money’s worth of wear, and you can look super cute while you’re at it!


By Kyla Hubbard, Junior, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

Instagram: @kyy.r

Written by IVC Productions

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