How Will You Celebrate Thanksgiving?

I’ve always remembered Thanksgiving being the biggest party in my house. Ever! I would wake up at the crack of dawn, telling google to play neo-soul. This was just that time of the year. My house was filled with people, long lines waiting to get a plate. It was a rule that you could only eat at home—NO sneaking a to-go container. In reality, there weren’t any leftovers to even make a to-go plate.

People were flying in to taste my family’s food. Yes, we get down in the kitchen. In 2020 we had a tremendous shift. “So you’re telling me we have to only eat with our immediate family? No going to visit family? No long lines waiting on the food? COVID, is that what you wanted to take from me and my people?” This was a devastating time, but we got through it.

In 2021, we have a better understanding of what comes with COVID-19. Many have practiced the safety precautions while still enjoying life. There is also a vaccine that people are taking which puts people less at risk for catching COVID. This tells me that this year Thanksgiving can be a little more than just eating with my immediate family. The CDC has stated that 15 people can be gathered together in one place, which is very exciting to hear because we are progressing.

Ashton Hutchinson, a senior at Gwendolyn Brooks, states, “Gathering at my grandmother’s house this year will be very appealing. My favorite dish is mashed potatoes.” It seems many people are excited to keep the Thanksgiving tradition alive by gathering with family. Especially at grandma’s house, the real gourmet! Gemayah Walker, also a senior at Gwendolyn Brooks, states, “It’s exciting to hear that more of my family will be visiting for Thanksgiving than last year. I recommend you to try sweet potato soufflé.” On my behalf, my family is coming into town. We have decided to include a Thanksgiving brunch followed by a Thanksgiving dinner. It sounds like I’m going to be full all day, GEESH!

Moreover, if you are  thinking of a couple of dishes to include in your Thanksgiving dinner, switch the original turkey to a jerk turkey. Yes, I just put you guys on to the best turkey out. And you can’t forget to top it with a homemade strawberry shortcake cake. And I’m not referring to the batter cake from your local jewels, but made from scratch. I truly recommend for you to incorporate those dishes into your Thanksgiving dinner this year.

How is your family celebrating Thanksgiving this year ?


By Dasia Garner, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks


Written by Dasia Garner

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