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My top picks to watch from this year’s NFL draft

Now that the NFL draft is completed, we know who the newbie players are to look for in the upcoming 2019-2020 season. For those who don’t know, the draft is where college players enter to be selected by an NFL team looking to add fresh young talent to their roster. There are seven rounds, and the first round is when the country’s best players usually get picked. Here’s my personal pick of players to watch.

To start things off, the Arizona Cardinals selected the No. 1 draft pick, quarterback Kyler Murray. This comes after selecting a quarterback last year as well in Josh Rosen, but clearly things didn’t work out between them if they’re already getting a new one. Murray played in Oklahoma, where he was an absolute beast. He threw for over 4,300 yards and threw 42 touchdowns while just throwing seven interceptions. The only problem is that he is 5’10, making him shorter than almost every other quarterback, but I’m sure he’ll do great with the Cardinals. All eyes will be on him for sure.

Another player I’ll be looking out for is defensive end Nick Bosa, drafted by the San Francisco 49ers with the 2nd overall pick. His brother, Joey Bosa already plays in the NFL for the Los Angeles Chargers, so they got someone with experience. Bosa played for Ohio State University, where he produced 17.5 sacks in three seasons. He is a fast and strong guy, which is what a team like the 49ers could use.

My third pick for players to watch is Dwayne Haskins, the 15th pick. He will be a great addition to his new team as quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Originally, everyone thought he was going to go to the New York Giants with the 6th pick, but everyone was stunned once they chose Duke quarterback Daniel Jones, who isn’t as good as Haskins. Haskins also attended Ohio State University, where he threw for over 4,800 yards and 5o touchdowns! I’m sure he will be a great addition to a team that could use a very good backup to Alex Smith. Game day between the Giants and the Redskins should be an interesting one.

Overall, this football season looks very promising, with an all around great draft filled with young talent. As current players get older, the new ones will be there to replace them. Hopefully the Bears can do something with their team this year, and even make it to the Super Bowl, we’ll just have to wait and see.


By Angel Brito, Senior, Lane Tech

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Written by Angel Britocastro

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