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Increase The Peace- Speak Up Against Violence


tumblr_mizbftVscO1rjlcayo1_500I wonder what it takes to make this one better place…

With the Fourth of July weekend quickly approaching it’s hard to forget the gruesome, gun-filled holiday weekend that took place last year- 82 Shot, 14 Fatally– headlines shared across the country. Adding more fuel to the name “Chiraq” that this city is seen as a war zone that even rappers highlight who aren’t even from Chicago:

Bustin’ off the grill leadin Chiraq murder rate…- Fabolous (‘Rap & Sex’)

King pins and them drug lords, Chi-town, no gun laws… – Nicki Minaj (‘Chiraq’)

We’ve heard the “if you see something, say something” phrase plenty of times, whether you are riding the train, bus or reading billboards on the way to your destination each day, there are constant reminders. But not everyone abides by the helpful hint.


Take the neighborhood shootings or train attacks for example. Of course the crimes spark outrage amongst the community about what witnesses should or shouldn’t do to help, until you become THAT witness. We’re never really affected or bothered by the senseless acts of violence until it hits close to home or one of our loved ones become a victim, then we want justice and seek suspects.

When confronted with a crisis, some witnesses become so-called good Samaritans, feeling a moral obligation to intervene or call for help. Others do nothing, out of fear of retaliation or putting their own lives at risk, among other reasons. This leads to people not wanting to come to the aid of people in emergencies because of the unwritten “no snitching” code or the “bystander effect,” according to criminology experts.

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Failing to report a crime or failing to intervene is not a crime in itself, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office. But some people choose not to get involved at all because they want to avoid testifying on the case in court or they fear the alleged criminal would find out where they live and retaliate against them, said Chuck Sczuroski, master trainer at the National Crime Prevention Council in Washington, D.C.

Even this past weekend, social activist, Father Michael Pfleger led a neighborhood peace walk. Promoting anti-violence initiatives, Pfleger strives to “make gun ownership responsible” seeking for the enforcement to “title guns like cars.”Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.11.55 PM

One way law enforcement is trying to combat the lack of involvement, is by encouraging use of anonymous crime reporting sites including and, as well as apps like ICE BlackBox, which allows users to call 911 and record video to send to police. Chicago Police have created the TXT2TIP program for people to anonymously submit tips via text or online.

In addition to reporting the crime, it’s important to be a cooperative witness.

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