‘Inside Job’ Season 2: Worth The Wait?

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The second season of the crazy conspiracy-filled adult animated series “Inside Job” on Netflix brought us new characters, expansion of its world, and further development of its pre-existing characters.

Without saying anything that gives away the main story and conflict, here’s a quick recap. When the first season left off, Reagan Ridley, scientist at Cognito, Inc. – a company responsible for running the world in secret under a shadow government – just lost her dream job of CEO to her cunning drunk of a father, Rand Ridley.

Now, by a chance meeting in an “Anonymous Anonymous” meeting, she is first at odds with Illuminati employee Ron Statler, but through the course of the show they grow a connection.

This season felt like an improvement over the first in every way– almost every character has an episode dedicated to them, or at least a plot that’s deeply rooted in their past or their current struggles, which is incredibly reading and enticing to see them fully fleshed out. There are a lot of surprises and even better jokes than in the first season. The animation as well just feels so much better and cleaner.

In regards to worldbuilding, we get to learn more about the subterranean mushroom species that the character Mike originated from, previous experiments that Cognito, Inc.’s founders had built, and the secret shadow government above it all and their identities.

It also felt a lot more serious in tone than the first one did, with a ton of well-written turmoil and family drama in the final episodes.

At its core, “Inside Job” isn’t just about the conspiracies and the crude humor. It’s about friends, family, love, and sacrifice. A lot of these characters have to grapple with that in more ways than one.

Shion Takeuchi and the rest of the “Inside Job” team should be very proud of this season! Excited to see what happens next!


By Ezan Charo, Junior, ChiArts

Twitter: @digitalwarlock8


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Written by Ezan Charo

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