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InSight Is In The Building:  NASA’s Spacecraft Landed on Mars

So We Finally Land Huh?

Is Earth getting a little too boring for you? Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you lived on another planet, or if other life forms exist on other planets? Well, you may not have to wait much longer to get those answers. NASA just landed a spacecraft called, InSight on Mars.

InSight was first launched in May, but it just recently landed. This 800-pound spacecraft is said to spend around two Earth years on the Red Planet to study it. This is the first successful Mars landing NASA has had in the last six years and it isn’t cheap. It’s about an $850 million mission!

On November 26 InSight finally crossed into Mars and the NASA team was so excited they were able to perform their touchdown dance that they had planned ahead of time. Tears were shed and excitement was felt for many.

No one knows for sure what this could mean for the future. The possibilities are endless. The idea of living on another planet after being on this one for so long excites me, but we have to wait to see how possible that really is. According to CBS News, NASA’s next mission, the Mars 2020 rover, “will prowl for rocks that might contain evidence of ancient life.” Who knows, we might discover neighbors living on Mars sooner than later.

By Cierra Lemott, Junior, Brooks College Prep

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Cierra Lemott

Written by Cierra Lemott

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