Instagram’s New Direct Messaging


It seems that Instagram was missing one thing, and that being Direct Messaging. Well good news everyone! Instagram now has an option where you can direct message one of your followers. Introduced as Instagram Direct by co-founder Kevin Systrom through Instagram’s blog, a video explains the usage of the new option.

Instagram Direct is a new way to send video and photo messages to friends. When you update your Instagram, there will be a new icon that pops up in the right corner of your home news feed. You can tap on it to see what people have to sent to you and reply back.


To send your photos and videos, you must press the camera button and then choose your sharing options. You will see Followers or Direct so you can either upload it to your news feed or direct message. With that, if you send a direct message to one person or a group, you will be able to see who liked your photo, who saw it, and who shared it.

Pretty Cool, huh?

Warning: This may come with disadvantages so be mindful to what you send to others.


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