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[INTERVIEW] Jaylin Waters: The Face Behind Mo’Chic Angels

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Jaylin Danielle Waters, founder of Mo’Chic Beauty, hair and fashion company aimed at empowering women’s self-esteem, has partnered with stylist Peak Mill for the Wigz Across America tour. The goal of the tour is to educate stylists to be more versatile and equipped in the hair industry, all while helping children and boosting self-esteem.

Tour dates include:

  • Washington, D.C. – July 24
  • Miami & Ft. Lauderdale – Aug 14

Wigz Across America (WAA) is a nonprofit organization that provides wigs for children who have suffered from hair loss to due to cancer and/or other hair loss conditions. Services include providing wigs for children, mentoring programs, and self-esteem booster and awareness camps. Roughly 33% of U.S. children qualify for assistance from Wigz Across America, and each wig is made with love and care by qualified hair stylists around the U.S. WAA believes that everyone is beautiful, no matter what his or her condition may be.

Daneisha Goodman: What are you hoping to accomplish with the Wigz Across America Tour?

Jaylin Danielle Waters: I’m hoping to be noticed, because it isn’t just about the hair, it’s about Empower young women

DG: How challenging was it to put the tour together?

JDW: It has it’s challenges, finding hotels, getting rentals,and having a team helps out, but there’s always that one person behind the scenes that makes sure everything is in line. The one that does all of the amalgamating, holding things together, those are the ones who sometimes have to step up and even be the strongest of the pact. That’s why I appointed my mom to that job (lol) she’s sometimes more than strong enough for certain tasks, and has more time on her hands than me, but I put in my time when I’m free from school. From emails, to multiple business meetings, I make sure I’m present for the most part!

DG: What have you learned so far with visiting the various cities in regards to coming across various hair loss clients?

JDW: That we all have a heart. We’ve been featuring some guests on this tour from popular salons, to major basketball teams. With that, I try to make sure we’re all on the same page, we have a small team with the same goal of handling these people with care.Whoever we bring along on this journey, they have to have the same heart. We love our students and those that we donate the wigs to. All the while there’s still corruption in this world, in this country, but my plan is to play a huge role in stopping it!

DG: How long have you been in the hair extension business?

JDW: I’ve been buying hair since I was about 14, but I’ve been focusing on my own business for a year now.

DG: What inspired the creation of MoChic’ Beauty with your mom?

JDW: Well, we both talked about starting to sell hair, seeing that we were consistently buying hair from vendors, and seeing that it was the most legal, and fast money out there for us, we stopped just talking about it and took action. She funded me and pointed me in the right direction, we got our website rolling and that was the start.

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DG: How did you link/ connect with PeakMill for the tour?

JDW: We often[ly] look for talent on social media, and my mom stumbled upon Peak’s youtube and decided that we should do a wig tour, featuring my hair company, and I thought it was the greatest idea she’s come up with.

DG: Which do you enjoy working on the most within the MoChic’ brand, fashion or hair?

JDW: I love my hair! I love that I can make it look which ever way my creative mind has it set on. I’m very strong in hair coloring, and I often[ly] color my own hair extensions. I love switching up my profile, which is why I’d have to say I love my fashion more. The excitement I can get from looking at or feeling a certain type of fabric, just shows me that my love for fashion is great. Everyone just has their trials and tribulations.

DG: Are there any other projects or business ventures you have coming up?

JDW: As of now, I’m putting so much into the tour, the only thing I’ve been doing is brainstorming. I’m building my brand with this tour, but the question, “What the next move,” will always bother me. I hear that question in my sleep. As we come across so many people, we’re coming across so many opportunities, and I know this tour holds a great one.

DG: What is your favorite weave texture to wear?

JDW: I like deep wave and tight curls! I mostly prefer the Russian over the Brazilian, because it has a thicker effect but the hair is very fine in texture.

DG: How could we stay updated?

JDW: I’m very active on my social media, such as my Twitter (@MoChicAngels_)  and snapchat, often[ly] I’ll post pictures on Instagram (@MoChicAngels_) here and there. My email is another way I’m great at being reached.

For more information on the Wigz Across America tour and Mo’Chic Beauty, go to and follow hairstylist, Peak Mill, as well on Instagram, and YouTube.

Written by daneishat


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