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Em Jai is an extremely talented recording artist and songwriter from Chi-City.  Her song Contagious Love  was featured on Disney’s Shake It Up in November  2012. The song was used as the show’s first single. It was then re-recorded by the stars of the show, Zendaya & Bella.   Em Jai also wrote a second song for the soundtrack titled Freaky Freakend that was recorded by Disney star, Coco Jones. Disney was just a stepping stone for the talented young artist. Today,  Em Jai is capturing our attention with her own music and unique sound from her covers of Beyonce’s “XO”  and “Mine” to her own EP Love Etc . True Star recently got a chance to sit down and chat with the songstress.  Check it out below. 

Em Jai Drunken Dreams

Q. How did Disney end up hearing “Contagious Love” & was it initially given to them for the show?

I teamed up with my producer and we were just submitting work to the show over at Disney and the rest is history. 

Q. Other than you being able to sing and rap What makes you a unique artist?

I truly believe in authenticity and being yourself. Everything that makes you as a person makes you unique. My creative process, the way I do things and who I am as a person makes me unique. We are all different in our own various ways.

Q. You sing and rap and you do it very well, but which do you enjoy doing more?

I’m a singer above anything… I just recently found out I could a rap while doing work for Disney. For me it feels a little more liberating. When you are rapping you can literally talk about the most cliche things ever and rap it to where it sounds cool, but if I sing the same thing it will sound a bit corny.

Q. If you could collaborate with one male artist tomorrow, who would it be?

I am very indecisive when it comes to things like that, but if I had to pick a male artist to collaborate with it would have to be Pharrell Williams

Q. Not to get too personal but I have to ask, Have You found your “Boy With A Golden Heart?” What drove you to write that song?

Lol, Haha.. When writing songs I’m a visionary and a story teller. That particular song was about my male best friend. He’s just perfect, his heart is so pure. He can do no wrong in my eyes and that is very rare for a boy. 

Q. What advice do you have to give to anyone who wants to be in this business?

Don’t be persuaded and influenced. Be yourself, you don’t have to just follow what’s hot and trending. The world does not need another ‘whoever’. We all have gifts and abilities to do different things. 

Q. Do you have any projects, or up coming shows coming up?

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you can get the latest info about my shows and projects.. @EmJaiGirl

Em Jai is certainly an artist we all should look out for. Her uniqueness, creativity and humbleness will get her a long way. Stay tuned!

Check out Em Jai HERE for more information.

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