Is Anybody Else Having “On My Block” Withdrawal?

If you haven’t heard of the TV show “On My Block,” then you must be sleep or completely disconnected from the outside world. Like seriously, since season 2 has dropped everyone has been talking it again. The Netflix original revolves around the lives of four teenagers–Monse (Sierra Capri), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Jamal (Brett Gray), and Ruby (Jason Genao)–who live in a predominantly Black/Brown neighborhood in southern Los Angeles. The series follows them going through high school as they experience challenges, triumphs, laughs, and trauma (if you know you know).

Season 2 came in so hard with the drama to the point where I kept clicking the next episode until I was done. I probably got the “Are you still watching?” message about three times, but I just couldn’t pull away. The character development in this season was interesting to watch, and it made the show more complex. There was about four or five different storylines happening at once which made it jam packed with action. This show is also just too funny. The writers did a good job of breaking up the gloomy parts with a sly comment from Jamal or a sarcastic one from Ruby. My only problem is that I have to wait months for another season! They can’t just keep putting out fire seasons that end with cliffhangers, then make me wait forever for the next one!

In my opinion, this is probably one of Netflix’s best series out right now. This is a show that isn’t a whitewashed display of Black and Hispanic culture, and honestly everything is authentic and relatable. Although it’s somewhat cliche at times, the show is still able to address certain things that are complete reality for the minority community. At some point Monse says, “We’re Brown! Only White kids find treasure!” And this resonated with me, because White privilege is never addressed openly in society. Yet, in minority communities most of us know that we aren’t given the same opportunities as other kids because of our skin color. This show is doing a great job of bringing that to light and starting a conversation about it. That’s why I think it that it’s a wonderful thing that Netflix is presenting this to a wider range of people.

If you want to check out what pops off in “On My Block,” then you can binge the first two seasons on Netflix. I promise you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll soon be counting down till the third season like the rest of us!


By Kyla Hubbard, Junior, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

Instagram: @kyy.r

Kyla Hubbard

Written by Kyla Hubbard

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